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Vehicle Mounted Variable Message Sign

Vehicle Mounted Variable Message Sign, a highly efficient solution designed to meet your traffic management needs. With its advanced features, this professional-grade product serves as a reliable traffic guide, ensuring the safety of road repairs, maintenance, and municipal construction.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, our Vehicle Mounted Variable Message Sign offers unparalleled functionality. Its prominent display and clear messaging provide effective traffic guidance, enabling smooth navigation and minimizing congestion. Whether it's directing vehicles to alternate routes during road repairs or warning drivers of potential hazards in construction zones, this versatile sign ensures optimal safety for both motorists and workers.

Our product's robust construction guarantees durability and long-term performance, even in harsh weather conditions. Designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, it remains highly visible and legible, ensuring maximum effectiveness at all times. The intuitive interface allows for easy programming and customization of messages, making it a user-friendly tool for traffic management professionals.

Safety is our utmost priority, and our Vehicle Mounted Variable Message Sign is no exception. Equipped with high-quality LED lights, it offers exceptional visibility, ensuring that important messages are conveyed clearly, even in low-light or adverse weather conditions. This enhances the overall safety of the work zone and mitigates potential risks for both workers and drivers.

Investing in our Vehicle Mounted Variable Message Sign means investing in a reliable, professional-grade solution that guarantees effective traffic management. With its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface, this product is an essential tool for any traffic management operation. Trust in our expertise and choose our Vehicle Mounted Variable Message Sign to ensure efficient traffic guidance, road safety, and enhanced productivity.
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Full Graphics

Non Glare, UV resistant polycarbonate

Highest Quality LED s

Plug & Play controller and LED modules

Advanced warning to motorists of roadworks/conditions

School, Pedestrian or Roadwork Zones

Notification of road closures or detours

Used with Radar to display traffic speed

Promotion of Events, e.g Sporting, Festival

Product Advertising, e.g Car Yard, Property Development

Basic Specifications 

Display board 

Display type: LED Full Matrix 

Display colour: single amber color or multi 5 colors optional

Display size:1680*1080mm/2100*1400mm/2550*1710mm optional

Pixel: 48 x 28 

Screen: Non Glare UV polycarbonate 

Photocell auto dimming

Lifting Motor


Controller and programming

PC for on site programming

Programming option: USB-RS232 Serial direct connect or LED web 

manager remote control

Windows compliant free automatic software updates 

Predefined Images: 90

Large storage up to 100 individual messages with various page sizes


DC12 or DC24v optional

Mounting Frame 

Can be customized

Finishing: Galvanized and powder coated 

Application Scenario

Traffic guidance and management

Road maintenance and repair

Municipal construction safety warning

our equipments are endowed with superior quality and high reputation. By now, these products have been exported to Australia Oceania, USA North America, Ecuador South America, Britain Earope, Nigeria Afria, Dubai Middle East etc.

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