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Hydraulic Lifting Type Solar Variable Message Sign Trailer

This series is powered by 2 pieces of 270W solar panel or 3 pieces of 180W, offering easy operation and energy efficiency. This compacted signaling equipment is capable of displaying 4 to 5 lines text and up to 13 characters per line with the smallest font, so as to meet the deviser application needs from customers.
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Standard tow hitch applicable to most vehicles.

360 degree rotation movement for perfect positioning.

Hydraulic mast and brake to prevent the matrix message board from being affected by wind and casual vandalism. The braces add even more support to the display panel in travel position.

Individual LED display modules can be easily replaced.

Standard tire of trailer can be replaced anywhere.

Bolt-on fenders are readily replaced if damaged.

Extendable jack stands to hold the trailer mounted VMS in place.







Display panel


LED Full Matrix

LED color


Sign cabinet size

1100mm(H) × 1720mm(W)

1390mm(H) × 2050mm(W)

1700mm(H) × 2500mm(W)


2 LED's per pixel (ultra-bright energy efficient LED)

4 LED's per pixel (ultra-bright energy efficient LED)

Display module

80 columns × 48 rows

48 columns × 28 rows


Up to 5 fonts.
Up to 13 characters per line.
Up to 5 lines of text of smallest font

Up to 5 fonts.
Up to 12 characters per line.
Up to 4 lines of text of smallest font.

Communication system

Wired communication

RJ458 serial port, accessible via PC, laptop, all-in-one computer, etc.

Wireless communication

4G WCDMA, GPS (Global Positioning Satellite), Internet connection

Solar charge controller


Power system



Solar panel

180W, 3 pieces (changeable on request)


Two 250AH deep cycle maintenance free batteries with rubber case (changeable on request)

Three 200AH deep cycle maintenance free batteries with rubber case (changeable on request)


Total weight

650 kg

760 kg

850 kg


MIG (metal inert gas) welding, high-end steel tube compliant to Chinese standard

Gross axle weight ratings

1000 kg

1200 kg

1500 kg


13cun (about 17 inches)

14cun (about 18 inches)

Leaf spring

Open-eye or double-eye high rigidity spring

Tire size




Powder coated, zinc plating

Lifting system

Electro hydraulic lift


Road Construction Zones: This unit finds its application in road construction zones where it serves as a crucial traffic advisory tool. Equipped with advanced technology, this product effectively displays important messages, reminders, warnings, and directional information to motorists and pedestrians alike. The professional and robust design of the trailer ensures maximum visibility and readability, even in adverse weather conditions or low light environments. By providing real-time updates and guidance, this product plays a pivotal role in maintaining safety and facilitating smooth traffic flow within construction zones.

Traffic Management during Events: it proves invaluable in managing traffic during large-scale events such as concerts, sports matches, or festivals. With its versatile functionality, this product serves as an efficient traffic advisory system, providing event organizers with a means to effectively communicate important information to attendees and guide them towards designated parking areas or alternate routes. The high-quality display of the trailer ensures clear visibility of messages, reminders, and directional information, enabling event-goers to navigate the traffic smoothly and safely.

Emergency Situations and Evacuations: during emergency situations and evacuations, the Solar Variable Message Sign Trailer plays a critical role in disseminating vital information to the public. With its ability to display dynamic messages, this product serves as an essential tool for emergency management agencies and first responders. By conveying evacuation routes, emergency contact numbers, or other crucial instructions, the trailer assists in guiding individuals to safety efficiently. The product's durable construction and solar-powered operation ensure its reliability even in challenging conditions, making it an indispensable asset during times of crisis.

Traffic Control at School Zones: The unit finds effective application in school zones to enhance traffic control and ensure the safety of students. Equipped with its traffic advisory capabilities, this product assists in reminding drivers to slow down, adhere to speed limits, and exercise caution in areas surrounding educational institutions. The clear and visible display of messages on the trailer serves as a constant reminder to motorists, promoting a safer environment for students and pedestrians. With its versatility and adaptability, this product can be easily deployed in various school zones, contributing to improved traffic management and enhanced safety measures.

Construction Site Safety: it plays a crucial role in promoting safety at construction sites. By displaying warning messages, reminders, and directional information, this product effectively communicates potential hazards to workers and visitors alike. Its prominent visibility ensures that important safety instructions are conveyed clearly, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. The trailer's robust design, coupled with its solar-powered operation, allows for reliable performance in demanding construction environments. This application scenario highlights the product's significance in fostering a safety-conscious culture and minimizing risks within construction sites.

our equipments are endowed with superior quality and high reputation. By now, these products have been exported to Australia Oceania, USA North America, Ecuador South America, Britain Earope, Nigeria Afria, Dubai Middle East etc.

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