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High Quality Large Size Amber Color Variable Message Traffic Sign with Both Onside And Remote Control

Our high quality Variable Message Traffic Sign unit, a highly advanced solution designed to enhance road safety and traffic management. This professional-grade product is equipped with a range of features that ensure effective communication of traffic notices, warnings, reminders, and more.

Our Variable Message Traffic Sign is specifically engineered to display clear and concise messages, providing crucial information to drivers and pedestrians alike. With its versatile functionality, this sign can be programmed to showcase a wide array of traffic notices, including speed limits, lane closures, detours, and construction alerts.

Featuring a user-friendly interface, our Variable Message Traffic Sign allows for easy customization and quick message updates. This ensures that important information can be relayed promptly, keeping road users informed and prepared for any changes or potential hazards.

Built to withstand various weather conditions, our product is constructed with durable materials that guarantee long-lasting performance. Its high visibility LED display ensures optimal readability, even in bright sunlight or adverse weather conditions, ensuring that messages are easily visible to all road users.

With its professional tone and sleek design, our Variable Message Traffic Sign seamlessly integrates into any urban or highway environment. Its robust construction and reliable operation make it an ideal choice for government agencies, construction companies, and transportation authorities looking to enhance traffic management and improve road safety.
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Set up

Towbar with special coupler can be towed by most vehicles
Hydraulic lift allows one person to easily raise and lower the message board
Tower rotates 360 degrees for optimal positioning
Single disk brake holds board in place during operation, while a cradle supports and holds board in travel position

Self-contained onboard computer or laptop wireless control
Easy programming
Preprogrammed text messages, symbols and graphics
Easily center each line of text
Multiple alphanumeric fonts make message clear and legible
Auto dimming function increase visibility and performance, saving energy.
Outriggers (extension legs) provides stability in high wind
Password protection limits access to control software
Control box can be locked to prevent unauthorized access

Power system
Energy-efficient operation results in long run times
Solar panels charge batteries automatically without intervention
Cooling fans protect sign cabinet from overheating
Battery box can be locked to prevent unauthorized access

Individual character modules can be replaced easily
Bolt-on steel fenders can be replaced if damaged


Display board Control and programmingPowerTrailer Extra options
Display Type: LED Full Matrix
Display Size: 255 x 170CM
Display Viewing Area: 246 x 162CM
Matrix: 48 x 28, 5mm LED s per pixel
Display color: amber
Enclosure: IP54 equivalent, front access
Screen: Non Glare UV polycarbonate
Photocell auto dimming
Programming options: SMS, RSR232 Serial direct connect, 4G remote control & GPS tracking
Software: Windows Compliant Free automatic software updates
Predefined Images: 90
Radar: Radar logging / remote removal, logging speed data / time traffic count
Large Storage up to 100 individual messages with various page sizes

Voltage: 12V
Power of solar panels: 540 or 720 watts optional
Batteries: 400 or 600AH deep cycle optional
Solar charge controller: MPPT
Operation on batteries/solar Indefinite under normal conditions
L X W X H: 395 X 205 X 270CM
Operating height: 395CM
Rotating degree for message panel: 360
Draw bar length: A frame type 220CM
Trailer has the brake system for the message panel, so it can stop on the certain position.
For corner jack stands: 15 inch, 3000LBS
Draw bar jack stand (with 6inch jockey wheel): 2000LBS
Coupler: 5000LBS; 50mm ball
Wheel type: 14 inch
Disc brake system for the wheel
Hydraulic function for operating message panel lift
Manual Hydraulic Backup
3mm steal check plate
PC (industrial touch monitor tablet computer) for on site programming
Speed radar
Battery charger
Security wheel lock
Solar tilting  


Highway Traffic Management: The VMTS finds extensive application in highway traffic management scenarios. Placed strategically along highways, these signs effectively convey important information to drivers, ensuring smooth traffic flow and enhancing overall safety. For instance, in the event of an accident or roadwork, the VMTS can display warnings, detour instructions, or speed limit changes, promptly alerting drivers and enabling them to make informed decisions. By providing real-time updates, the VMTS assists in managing traffic congestion and minimizing potential hazards.

Urban Traffic Control: In urban areas, it plays a crucial role in traffic control and management. These signs are commonly employed at busy intersections, where they facilitate the smooth movement of vehicles and pedestrians. With their dynamic display capabilities, the VMTS can relay information about traffic light changes, pedestrian crossings, or lane closures, ensuring that all road users are well-informed and can navigate through the intersection safely. Additionally, the VMTS can be programmed to adapt to different traffic conditions, optimizing traffic flow and reducing congestion during peak hours.

Construction Sites: At construction sites, the VMTS serves as an essential tool for ensuring the safety of both workers and passing motorists. These signs can be strategically positioned to provide clear instructions and warnings related to ongoing construction activities. For instance, the VMTS can display messages indicating lane closures, reduced speed limits, or upcoming road obstacles, allowing drivers to adjust their speed and driving behavior accordingly. By effectively communicating potential hazards, the VMTS contributes to accident prevention and promotes a safer work environment.

Parking Facilities: Variable message signs are widely used in parking facilities to guide drivers and optimize parking space utilization. Equipped with real-time occupancy sensors, these signs can display the number of available parking spots in each section or level of the facility. This information allows drivers to quickly locate vacant spaces, reducing the time spent searching for parking and minimizing traffic congestion within the facility. Moreover, the VMTS can also provide directions to specific parking areas or indicate reserved spots for disabled individuals, ensuring efficient and inclusive parking management.

Event Management: During large-scale events such as concerts, sports matches, or exhibitions, the VMTS plays a vital role in managing traffic and ensuring the smooth flow of vehicles. These signs can be strategically placed near event venues to provide real-time information about parking availability, designated drop-off zones, or alternative routes due to road closures. By guiding drivers effectively, the VMTS minimizes traffic congestion in the vicinity of the event and enhances the overall experience for attendees.

our equipments are endowed with superior quality and high reputation. By now, these products have been exported to Australia Oceania, USA North America, Ecuador South America, Britain Earope, Nigeria Afria, Dubai Middle East etc.

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