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Combined VMS & Arrow Board

  • VMV320-ABC17

Road striping convoys
Snow removal convoys
Road sweeping convoys
Pothole repairs
Crash cushion trucks
Many more

1.VMS board:
High-output amber LEDs are highly legible.
LED colour of VMS board: Amber, red, green, white.
Easy programming Preprogrammed text messages, symbols and graphics.
Easily center each line of text.
Multiple alphanumeric fonts make message clear and legible.
Auto dimming fuction increase visibility and performance.
Password protection limits access to control software.
Cooling fans protect sign cabinet from overheating.
Individual character modules can be replaced easily.

2.Arrow board:
Choose 15 lamps (2 rear lamps) with 4 or 9 arrow display modes or 25 lamps with 12 arrow display modes.
Can be truck battery powered or solar powered.
Environmentally safe operation.
Easy to operate and maintain


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