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Large Sized Mobile Security Camera Unit

Large Sized Mobile Security Camera Unit, designed to provide professional-grade security monitoring for a wide range of environments such as factories, mining areas, construction sites, docks, warehouses, communities, and vacation resorts.

This advanced surveillance solution offers unparalleled convenience and reliability, thanks to its solar-powered functionality. By harnessing the power of the sun, this camera operates without the need for external power sources, eliminating the hassle of wiring and reducing operational costs.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, our Solar Powered Trailer Mount Surveillance Camera ensures crystal-clear video footage, even in low-light conditions. Its high-resolution lens captures every detail with precision, allowing for accurate identification and monitoring of potential threats.

The trailer mount feature provides exceptional mobility, enabling easy relocation of the camera to areas requiring immediate surveillance. This flexibility ensures that critical security areas are always monitored, providing peace of mind and safeguarding valuable assets.

With a robust construction, our Solar Powered Trailer Mount Surveillance Camera is built to withstand harsh weather conditions and tampering attempts. Its durable housing protects against dust, moisture, and vandalism, ensuring uninterrupted surveillance even in challenging environments.

Easy installation and user-friendly controls make this surveillance camera a hassle-free solution for any security setup. With its professional tone of voice, this product description highlights the reliability, convenience, and superior performance of our Solar Powered Trailer Mount Surveillance Camera, making it an essential choice for businesses and organizations seeking top-tier security solutions.
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  • Maxsure Tec


4*330W solar panels 

6*150Ah/8*150Ah/8*200Ah gel batteries optional , DC24V system 

1*PTZ camera,3*bullet cameras

Optional 6 to 9 meters manual/electric/hydraulic mast

Dual axle trailer with Australial Europe/North America standard


Length:            4470mm Camera Type:            Network Camera
Width:             2030mm Camera Style: PTZ Camera,Bullet Camera
Height:            2900mm PTZ: 2MP HD,16xoptical zoom,
Weight:            1840kg IR100m,360°view
TRAILER       DETAILS Bullet Camera:          3MP HD,IR50m
Trailer Type:      Dual Axle NVR: 8-ch,2*3TB HDDs
Tire and Rim Size: 15" POE Switch:             Industrial Grade
Stabalizer Supports:4xManual 4G Router:           Optional
Drawbar:           A Frame Mast Raise/Extension:Manual/Electric/Hydraulic
Tow Hitch:         50mm Ball/70mm Ring Mast Height(m):     Optional
Mud Guard/Wheel
Special Design Coil Cable:          1*cat5e+3*2.5sqmm
Backup Generator:  Optional Wind Rating Speed:  100km/h
Code                   Solar Panel  PTZ Camera Bullet Camera            Mast(m)                Battery                   Generator         Trailer Standard
VTS1200B-C 4*330W

(fixed angle)

(No PTZ)


(manual mast)
6 B900(6*150Ah)

G3(gasoline 3kW)

D3(diesel 3kW)

D5(diesel 5kW)



(electric mast)

(1 PTZ)


(hydraulic mast)


Application Scenario

Industrial Plants: The Large Sized Mobile Security Camera Unit finds extensive application in industrial plants such as factories and mines. It serves as a reliable security monitoring solution, ensuring the safety and protection of personnel, equipment, and valuable assets. With its robust construction and advanced surveillance capabilities, this product effectively detects and deters unauthorized access, theft, or any suspicious activities within the premises.

Warehouses and Docks: In warehouses and dockyards, where valuable goods and merchandise are stored or transported, the Large Sized Mobile Security Camera Unit proves indispensable. Its high-definition cameras and intelligent monitoring system enable real-time surveillance, allowing for immediate response to any potential security breaches, unauthorized entry, or inventory mishandling. This product ensures the integrity of the supply chain and safeguards against losses.

Outdoor traffic safety equipment and outdoor engineering equipment products are important equipment to ensure people's safety during outdoor activities. These devices can not only improve people's safety in outdoor activities, but also improve the efficiency and quality of engineering construction. The following are our technical and service advantages.

Technical advantages:

1. Modern outdoor traffic safety equipment and engineering equipment adopt high-precision positioning technology, which can accurately locate the positions of personnel and equipment, improve safety and work efficiency.

2. These devices are equipped with intelligent monitoring systems, which can monitor the operating status and working environment of the devices in real time, detect problems in a timely manner, and take measures to ensure safety and stability.

3. These devices are made of high-strength materials, which have good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and can be used for a long time in harsh outdoor environments.

4. These devices adopt high-efficiency and energy-saving technology, which can reduce energy consumption and operating costs, improve the service life and economic benefits of the equipment.

Service advantages:

1. providing customized services, designing and producing products that meet customer needs and requirements.

2. providing comprehensive after-sales service, including installation and debugging, training services, maintenance, etc., to ensure that customers can use the equipment normally and maintain its good condition.

3. Providing technical support, including equipment operation guidance, troubleshooting, maintenance and other services, to help customers solve problems during equipment use.

4. providing quickly respond to customer needs, promptly address customer issues and feedback, and ensure that customers can obtain a satisfactory service experience.

Our products have advanced technological advantages and high-quality service advantages, which can provide safe and efficient guarantees for outdoor activities and engineering construction. With the continuous development and progress of technology, these devices will continuously improve their performance and service level, bringing more convenience and safety assurance to people's outdoor life and engineering construction.

our equipments are endowed with superior quality and high reputation. By now, these products have been exported to Australia Oceania, USA North America, Ecuador South America, Britain Earope, Nigeria Afria, Dubai Middle East etc.

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