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Fixed Soar Power Radar Speed Sign

Radar speed sign displays vehicle speeds and messages to inform drivers of their current speed and encourage safe driving. The radar speed sign is special for school zones, roadwork safety and outskirts, approaches to rural townships.
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Technique parameter

Display size: 360*460mm

Cabinet size: 600 X 900mmm

Input power: AC220V/230V/240V, or DC12V/24V

Color: red green bi-color

Lamp category: Taiwan crystal chip lamp beads

Shell material: aluminum shell

Working temperature: -40 to 65 degrees.

Display mode: two bits display (safe speed is green) color, over speed is red.

Maximum speed indication: 99 km / h

Visual distance: 500M

Scope of application: urban expressways, expressways, parking lot, factory area, etc.

It applies at the same time: 3-4 lanes


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