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User experience preview. 

We offer timely response (normally in the same day) to customers’ questions on the basis of technology expertise. Pictures, videos and illustrations are provided for more perception, whereby customers get to know our equipments and devices. Furthermore, if there are people in this region who have been using our products, we will suggest new customers to ask them for user experience, and if possible, directly pay a visit to them. 

Customer-oriented delivery.
We adopt steel pallets and multi-layered wooden cases (free of fumigation). On the condition of rugged package, we put in the most products possible, so as to reduce transportation cost for customers. Meanwhile, detailed installation instruction and videos are offered for reference. Besides, several skilled engineers would test each equipment and device before package. Every product would constantly be at working condition for 24 to 48 hours, enhancing stable performance. 

Extra nice warranty.
We supply two to three years warranty to all devices, and lifetime technical support. Damage occurs to any part in normal way within warranty period, we offer free repair and exchange service. If needed, we also provide free maintenance training to enhance user experience. 

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