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In 2007
The company came into being, and had few workers. After several months of research and development, we launched our first product and had the first export order from California, America. 

In 2008
We started to develop new products to enlarge capacity. For the first time, we have participated exhibitions. In the same year, customers from England and Australia paid visits to our company. 

In 2009
The development of new operation software was conducted. 

In 2010
We moved to larger plant due to business expansion. The value of foreign business exceeded one million RMB! Staff number was increased to 18. 

In 2011
We stated to develop software featuring Internet access and GPS function. This software now is the most advanced and customer proved. 

In 2012
Heavy-duty powder coating equipment was introduced to our company. We independently control housing process applied to our message signs, thus ensuring utmost quality. 

In 2013
Our newly developed software has been highly recognized by customers. Staff number was increased to 35.

In 2016
With our continuious efforts and improvements during last few years, we have inlarged the range of our products which are well sold to many other countries. 

In 2018
Another new workshop began to build.

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